Sunday, October 25, 2009

Websites for Sri Lanka Sinhala Baby Names

Hi all
Actually I'm a PC Doctor , that means I can help you to solve your Computer problems. But many people ask me for Sinhala baby names. I thinks people are confuse with PC Doctor and my Free PC Clinic .

Anyhow I would like to give some help , here I have given list of sites for Sri Lanka Baby Names.

Websites for Sri Lanka Baby Names

Sinhala baby names by Kala Suri Arisen Ahubudu

Request baby names from Ariesen Ahubudu. Sinhala Baby Names

Sinhala Baby Names - A large collection of Sri Lankan boy and girl names,
as well as the origin and meaning

Giving a name to the child

Sri-lankan baby names | Sri-lankan girl names meaning | Sri-lankan boy names meaning

Sri Lankan Names :: Home ::

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