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Official Web Site Of Ariesen Ahubudu

Official Web Site Of Ariesen Ahubudu

Click Here to visit Official Web Site Of Kalasuri Ariesen Ahubudu

How to request baby names from KalaSuri Ariesen Ahubudu

How to request baby names for your new born baby from KalaSuri Ariesen Ahubudu?

* Method 1

By Fax or E- Mail

1. Deposit 350/= rupees to bank account

Commercial Bank (Mount Lavinia branch))
Account Number - 8100008270
Account Holder - S.S.Ashubodha


Bank of Ceylon (Dehiwala branch)
Account Number - 2005053
Account Holder - S.S.Ashubodha

2. With the bank slip Fax or E-mail the following details of your baby

Date of birth, time, place, sex, parent's names, contact No, your fax number or e-mail address

Our tel/fax numbers - (011)2724092, (011)4208059, (011)4856805

E-mail -

* Method 2

By visiting our office

Our address is 140/40, Kalapura, Templers Road, Mount Lavinia.

You can visit us and get the names during office hours (8 AM to 5 PM except Sundays and Poya days).

* Method 3

By paying with credit card

Please visit our Kapruka

Web page in order to make payment using a credit card

Sinhala baby names by Kala Suri Arisen Ahubudu

Kala Suri Arisen Ahubudu

Arisen Ahubudu is a writer, orator, scholar, playwright, teacher (Guru), Sinhala lyricist, author and poet in Sri Lanka. He has received three government awards for literary works, the title of Kalasuri from the Government of Sri Lanka and the Sarasavi Award film award for best composer.

Ahubudu was born on March 18, 1920. Arisen Ahubudu has worked at Hela Havula for the betterment of the Sinhala language, culture and Sri Lanka as a whole.

Source : Kala Suri Arisen Ahubudu

Sinhala baby names by KalaSuri Ariesen Ahubudu

A name should be...

• Striking
• Attractive to others
• Melodious
• Meaningful
• Easy to pronounce
• Rhyming with the surname
• Based on proper numerological calculations to ensure - longevity, progress popularity etc.
• The first letter of a name should be selected according to the birth time

According to KalaSuri Ariesen Ahubudu. It is an easy chance to give your baby the greatest gift of a life time.

Request a meaningful name for your baby from great KalaSuri Ariesen Ahubudu.

Request a name by Fax, e-mail, online or by visiting Ariesen Ahubudu at his office.
140/40, Kalapura,
Templers Road,
Mount Lavinia,
Sri Lanka.

Tel/fax numbers:
0094 011 2724092,
0094 011 4208059,
0094 011 4856805


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Websites for Sri Lanka Sinhala Baby Names

Hi all
Actually I'm a PC Doctor , that means I can help you to solve your Computer problems. But many people ask me for Sinhala baby names. I thinks people are confuse with PC Doctor and my Free PC Clinic .

Anyhow I would like to give some help , here I have given list of sites for Sri Lanka Baby Names.

Websites for Sri Lanka Baby Names

Sinhala baby names by Kala Suri Arisen Ahubudu

Request baby names from Ariesen Ahubudu. Sinhala Baby Names

Sinhala Baby Names - A large collection of Sri Lankan boy and girl names,
as well as the origin and meaning

Giving a name to the child

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